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“I love love independent tea/coffee shops! It is a bit pricey for tea but I do believe it is worth it. I loved to go with friends and just sit there and chat about nonsense. I even liked going alone.

It is a cozy place with a friendly, hippy environment. I like to read all the newspapers the place has laying around… the ones that showcase the happenings around Fresno. (which is a lot more than you would think) They have a mix of cold sweeten teas and a variety of hot tea that comes in a personal tea pot! Everything is good, if you don’t know… just ask and employees have plenty of recommendations!”

Kathy V.

Riverside, CA - Yelp

“I love Teazer, the staff is always super friendly, the tea is wonderful, and the location is great. I really like that the staff is very knowledgeable about all the different types of teas they have available.

They are more then happy to recommend things based on what you like and dont like. They often give you a taste of your tea before you get the whole pot/cup to make sure it is sweet enough or has enough cream in it. My favorite summer drink is the peach tea they have. I also adore the lavender cream earl grey, and the pumpkin spice.

Teazer also offers all the teas they brew in store, in a loose leaf form that range from 2-8 dollars an ounce which is very reasonable.”

Tristin M.

Fresno CA - Yelp

“One of those places that reaffirms my faith in Fresno to deliver just when you least expect it. First, let just get the most obvious thing out of the way. Teaser’s has mastered the art of being the “cool hangout” through the use of several key ingredients:

(1) Perfect location on a busy corner in the Tower

(2) Mellow, modern indie rock on the radio–you do not know who the musicians are, but you like what you hear.

(3) Knowledgeable, mellow, helpful, and friendly help staff

(4) Decor that is part Cost Plus, part thrift store, part health spa, part Lounge Lizard–it works

(5) Open late

(6) Wireless signals from Revue Coffee across the street reach all the way over.

In a word, “atmosphere”But let’s get down to business. The reason we come is for the tea, and this place delivers the goods. Variety is everywhere and all regions of the world are repped. Makes you just want to come in a sample everything over the course of a year.

A bit of advice: take your time in here. This is a sippin place more than a drive through; the antithesis (and therefore the superior) of Starbucks.”

Jay P.

Clovis, CA - Yelp

“I love Teazers. As soon as I moved to Tower it became my tea place. My friends and I would go there and grab tea and sit outside and people watch or sit inside and people watch. The vibe of the place is amazing. The local artists displayed there is great to see. Shows the connection to the community. The staff was always helpful and friendly. It is a great place to study, hang out, meet up with people. I am missing it so much now that I am no longer in Fresno.”

Heather W.

Saint Paul, MN - Yelp

“Teazer’s is one of my favorite tea shops in Fresno for the main reason that this is the only shop that carries the infamous and very rare to find “Star of China Tea” in which you can buy in bulk and take home to do your own brewing. Boil some water in a tea kettle, put some Star of China into the strainer and let it sit for 5 to 10 min, pour into a cup, add a teaspoon of honey and ‘Wallah!’ you get a sensational kick to your tastebuds that also knocks you awake for several hours.

I always use this tea on cold winter nights when I have to pull an all-nighter for a school exam and need to stay awake. It keeps me awake long after I head to bed. I was first introduced to this place by an old college buddy who insisted, “you have to go to Teazer’s with me! They have the best tea ever!

You have to come out and try their infamous ‘Honolulu.'” At that time, I was not a big fan of tea and replied sarcastically, “You want me to drive all the way to Tower District for some tea?!” Best discovery I ever made on a spur of the moment request.”

Sheng V.

Clovis, CA - Yelp

“This has been my hang-out of choice since it’s been open! It’s got a funky but laid back vibe that welcomes the lone tea drinker working away at her laptop or his latest novel, or a group of friends chatting away. The staff knows their stuff and is very friendly and playful!”

Ashley Alvera B.

Madera, CA - Yelp

“I’m a regular at Teazer and absolutely love it. The staff is always friendly and happy to recommend a drink or simply concoct a custom drink based on your tastes. I’m pretty sure they know absolutely everything there is to know about tea. I love the peach iced tea in the summer and in the winter a traditional chai or a pot of a spiced cinnamon-vanilla tea (not on the menu, but worth asking about!).”

Tina J.

Fresno, CA - Yelp

“As I sat on the beautiful patio of Teazers with my Uncle discussing bums, North Fresno, and Jesus, an emotionally charged and eloquent proclamation was made. “You know what?” he said. “F*** Starbucks.”

You see, my Uncle is a contractor, 6′ 3″, and sports a goatee. He had tried Teazers the night before at ArtHop with his children and had to go back the next day for another taste. After interrogating the friendly person at the counter about her day, drugs, and favourite teas, he was offered a drink not available on the menu. He became giddy and even offered to pay for mine. This was the first part of a noticeable change in his worldview. As we found our way out to the patio he was gushing over with praise about the place. He raved about the virtue of having to wait for a good product and the friendliness of the staff — something, he says, is difficult to find in a corporate drink place.

Our teas arrived and I regret to inform you that I do not remember what they were. And I must tell you that him and I never drink tea. This is all new to us. I can tell you, though, that we never drink tea because we don’t like it. But this day was different. We were 100% satisfied with our selections. This is when he uttered those hateful words towards Starbucks.

He went on to talk about how much he loves areas like Tower, and how he absolutely despises all the ugly strip malls around town. It was a wonderful experience. I have been back since and love the place.

I usually shy away from consumables that don’t come from a cow, but I really do love the atmosphere and the beautiful bathroom here. Although Teazers may breed some kind of righteous hatred towards corporations, I do believe that the joy brought about in their drinks and service are a sufficient counterweight. (I still frequent Starbucks, might as well be honest)”

Jeremiah L.

Fresno, CA - Yelp

“Love their tea, especially the Honolulu. Great place to relax, read, etc. I used to bike ride from Fresno State to the Tower District just so I could stop at Teazer to sip some delicious tea. I keep wanting to go back to Fresno just to go to this place. They also feature great local art!”

lliana P.

Washington Heights, Manhattan N.Y. - Yelp

“Another little gem in the tower perfect for studying, hanging with friends, or just a cool place to hang out and get snacks and drinks. The tea here is really good, I love simple iced black tea and I get it here easily. The service here is friendly and great at recommending items on their menu and the feel of this place in general is really cool. Definitely a place you need to check out!!”

Sheila C.

San Jose, CA - Yelp

“Sometimes instead of doing the direct 8 hours from San Fran to LAlalandia…it is great to get a refreshing Moroccan Mint Tea and get a break from driving. Cherry Lemon is good, but during the heat, Mint is much more delightful. There is TEA in Fresno worth stopping for!”

Miriam B.

San Francisco, CA - Yelp

“The tea is amazing. Great atmosphere. The Honolulu is the best of the ice teas.”

LeNa N.

Clovis, CA - Yelp

“There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson.
This lovely tea shop offered the perfect place to sit and observe the passerbys clad in Halloween costumes. The atmosphere is enchanting, and there really isn’t another place like this in Fresno, at least not that I know of. They have an extensive menu, and I can’t wait to explore my tea palate even more. I would definitely recommend this savvy little shop.”

Chelsea B.

Fresno, CA - Yelp

“Teazer’s is an awesome place to just go to and hang out during a lazy evening. The quality of their tea is great and they aren’t overpriced by any means. I love this spot because you can also just sit by the window an people watch if you want to.”

Stephen M.

Insider Page

“A nice spot for tea: A cozy spot with nice ambience [more Cost Plus Imports/global modern than English tearoom] and good service. Nice selection of teas: black, green, herbal, iced or hot, by the cup or by the pot. Also sells loose leaf and bagged teas, and other tea-related items. Some small snacks available. Indoor and outdoor seating. A refreshing alternative, especially in the summertime.”


Yahoo Local

“By far the best tea house in the valley!! Whether you like traditional teas or creamed teas, they are all wonderful!! The atmosphere is very relaxing and zen like. Tasty favorites include “Tamu tea” (not on the menu by very yummy), moroccan mint, shanghai red dragon and of course the honolulu”


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