Teazer [tee-zer]
1. A person who loves to drink Tea.
2. A phenomena in Fresno California, a ritual that tea lovers perform.
3. A place where people share their life stories & indulge in delicious teas.

Teazer Story

Born in the Tower district of Fresno California, Teazer has been serving the Central Valley the finest quality of international teas since 2003.

Open 14 hours a day, Teazer World Tea Market is a casual place that has been a local hang out for tea
lovers to:

  • Meet old and new friends,
  • Start a student study group,
  • Host book clubs,
  • Go on a first date (we know married couples who have met in our locations),
  • Simply consume delicious tea,
  • Create your own personal tea,
  • Purchase loose, hot, or cold teas,
  • Observe the serving style of our unique California brewing!

Our Mission

To provide our community with the finest selection of teas from around the world. We strive to promote the consumption of delicious tea beverages made with local California honey, fresh fruit, and real brown cane sugar. We desire to be the place you chose to recharge your body, mind, and soul.